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How to Change WhatsApp Font Size - WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

How to Change WhatsApp Font Size – WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Do you know how to change whatsapp font size? Whatsapp has a lot of amazing features. Change font size and get more visibility on whatsapp. That’s why more than 5 billion people using whatsapp right now.

As you know that whatsapp almost has monopolistic in the social media market because of its rapidly increasing users and fan base due to its amazing and loving features.

Social media lovers always trying to get the most out of the best fast messaging app whatsapp. Many whatsapp features you are using right now but you are unaware of most of the secret whatsapp tricks.

If you are thinking that can I change whatsapp font size to get more visibility then you are thinking right? Yes you can change font size in whatsapp easily.

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When installing whatsapp and create an account in whatsapp then your font size set in medium size by default. There is three font size in whatsapp small, medium, and large. According to your need, you can change your text size in whatsapp.

How to Change Font Size in Whatsapp

This whatsapp feature will be useful if you are reading a long message or story so you can set your font size in a large format to read easily on a certain distance.

As well as, if you are not liking to scroll many times in a long message then you can set into small format.

Basically whatsapp by default set the medium font size which quite fine because not everyone likes small or large font size in whatsapp.

Here in this post, you can follow very easy and simple steps to change the font size in whatsapp.

Step 1

Open whatsapp.

Step 2

Tap on three dots upper right-hand corner on the screen.

Step 3

Tap on the “Setting” Option.

Step 4

Tap on the “Chat” Option.

Step 5

Tap on the “Font Size” Option.

Step 6

As you can see three formats of the font size.

It is up to you how you can use this feature. According to your need, you can change font size in small, or medium, or large size.

Wrapping Up

This is an ultimate guide and so simple and easy steps to change font size within whatsapp. Hope you enjoyed this post and learned this whatsapp tricks.

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